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LIVE in Las Vegas, October 13th-14th
Bring your laptop. Eat a healthy breakfast. An obnoxious amount of coffee & snacks will be provided. 
Be prepared to WORK.

This 2-day Bootcamp is 30% theory & 80% implementation. Don’t question my math. Yoga pants are mandatory. (There will be no yoga). Bonus points for messy bun. 

#FunnelSoHard LIVE is happening again January 13th & 14th in Las Vegas! 
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Plan your Marketing Funnel
You'll reverse engineer your sales system, beginning with the sale and ending with the 1st point of contact.
Create your Killer Content
Use the proven "Dream Client Creation" system to create a Freebie and write copy that your target customers crave.
Build your Funnel
Roll up your sleeves and follow step-by-step as you Click, Copy and Paste your way to a brand new powerful sales funnel.
The problem most entrepreneurs face with their online marketing is they want to do all the new, fun and effective marketing strategies available, but they don't have a solid lead capture, sales system and follow-up automation in place. 

They want to make YouTube videos, Live Stream, run Facebook ads, host Webinars and dominate every Social Media platform. 

But none of that works if the correct foundation isn't set first!
If your Competitors are using Funnels, you're already falling behind. 

Having a Lead Capture & Sales system makes all the difference for the Success or Failure of your business online. 
"Funnel So Hard" is for you if:
  • You have a product or service to sell. 
    "Funnel So Hard" won't help you figure out a brand new business. It will help you plan and re-structure your current offers into an online model that makes sense and makes sales.
  • You want to be visible online to the people who matter. 
    You already know who your target audience is and how you can help them, you just need a way for them to find you online instead of you having to search for them.
  • You don't "get" all the tech set up.
    You're not a tech wizard and you know it will take you months to get a funnel set up if you try to do it yourself. But you do have basic computer skills and you can follow along step-by-step when someone is walking you through it. 
  • You want to do Video, Live streaming, Webinars, etc but you don't know the first steps. 
    These are the first steps. None of the rest of it matters if you don't have a strong, targeted lead capture & sales system working behind the scenes. 
Questions other registrants have had:
I hear everyone talk about "funnels" and I know I need one, but I still don't "get" the whole concept... 
You will be crystal clear about how the whole "funnel" things works and have all your content ready-to-go by the end of Day 1. And by the end of Day 2, you'll have a fully working lead generation & sales funnel. This usually takes people weeks or months to figure out, but it doesn't have to if you just focus on what's important, make decisions, and do the work.
What if I already have freebies, opt ins and content created? 
That's cool, bro. You will still go through the entire brain dumping and planning portion with the group. We will figure out where your current content fits in the funnel and fill in any gaps that you might be missing.
Do I need to already have an email collection system in place?
Nope. A few days prior to the event, I will send you some pre-homework to arrive prepared. If you already have an email system, you can use that and if not, you can follow the tutorials to get everything easily set up.
I literally don't understand any of this online marketing stuff, will this work for me?
As long as you know what you are selling and who your products or services helps, you will be able to understand exactly how that translates to online sales by the end of Day 2.
Can't I just use social media to promote and sell my stuff?
You can if you want to waste time and money, and also piss off your friends. Social media is used as an entry way into your funnel, it should never take the place of your sales system. 
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Day 1:
Here's what some past attendees have to say:
Carol Ann Weber
Danielle has this condensed version, like the triple strength cleanser that you have to dilute to use, because she combines and condenses so much information into the shortest amount of time.

Part of me is like, “Oh my God, my brain!" but at that same time, "Look at what I got!" Danielle made me dig deeply into areas of my business that I just hadn’t bothered to look at. To dig that deep was so hard, but so good. I woke up this morning like “I know so much more about me and what I have to offer."
Ania Helbling
So many "WOW!" moments! Danielle's workshop, "Funnel So Hard" is magic! I went in with some vague ideas and was totally overwhelmed by just thinking about the lengthy process of creating my own products.

At the end of the day, I came out with a step-by-step plan, a few product packages, and so much great info and ideas! 

It felt like Danielle waved a magic wand and then everything was so clear! She is awesome! She really makes you think hard and makes sure that you get sh*t done!!!
Ann Severs
Danielle's Funnel So Hard workshop asked me and my brain to work harder than I have ever worked on just about any other project!

She manages to pack into a weekend what my brain would normally only be able to ingest in about a week!

But when you finally see yourself getting it, it is the most exciting moment to know that Danielle has just taken you and your business to the next level! I don't know anybody else who has ever done that for me!
Frantonia Pollins
Before attending "Funnel So Hard", I found the funnel process to be extremely overwhelming and time consuming but Danielle’s “fill in the blanks” formula made this process so damn easy. By the end, when it all came together, it made perfect sense to me. I literally went from "WTF", (in confusion) to, "WhyTF" have I been making this so complicated? 

If you're ready to move out of frustration and overwhelm and learn how to quickly and easily build profitable sales funnels that attract and convert your ideal clients, I HIGHLY recommend that you attend the next Funnel So Hard Workshop.
Hosted by: Danielle Ford
Danielle Ford is a video & marketing strategist who writes her own rules, and gives both permission and a platform to stop playing small... and start making a difference in the world.    

Divorced with 2 kids by the age of 21, Danielle dove into studying business and marketing and opened a brick and mortar skin care studio in Las Vegas which she grew by implementing Automation, Video and Social Media traffic systems.

2 years in, she decided to design her own life and closed down the business, determined to master online automation and create multiple re-occurring revenue streams as a way to be able to stay home with her kids. 

Founder of Young Mom’s Club, TedX speaker, host of “Leading Las Vegas” and a Vegas Inc. “Woman to Watch”, Danielle gives her clients and students efficient systems that automate the sales process, sell out programs and events, and add unexpected revenue streams.

She gives entrepreneurs more hours in the day to stay in their zone of genius and do their part to change the world. 
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